African Women Service Trust (AWOST) is a Developmental Local National Non-Governmental Organization registered in Uganda. Although AWOST was founded on the Christian principles she has become inter-religious, non-partisan and is mainly community based. AWOST was founded by a group of five professional community workers as a community based organization (CBO) in 2001 that had a vision of developing their country through initiating development efforts at the grass root levels. It has since grown to become an NGO bringing on board other professionals. It was formed after realizing that poverty was an issue of the mind-set which needed to be tackled by the people themselves. AWOST partners with organized community groups to impart knowledge and skills to overcome poverty and other developmental challenges.

AWOST head-offices are located in Kampala at Plot 574 Mutebi Road. We have a staff capacity of four people working tirelessly to bring a change in Uganda.

We majorly do capacity building, psycho social support through home visiting, and training in various fields of Economic Empowerment, Gender, Environment, Agriculture, Health, Education and Networking.

The group firmly believes that sustainable development must come from within the community, and outside help should come in to supplement what is already on the ground.

Our projects target the most vulnerable communities delivering the following interventions; Child protection (orphans and vulnerable children), education support, Gender based violence, disaster risk reduction, food security and livelihood support, health and sanitation, HIV/AIDS prevention and social economic support.