Community free of poverty and disease


To work with communities to overcome poverty and disease in a participatory manner through the provision of knowledge, skills, material support and self sustaining community groups


Self help, Development and Cooperation

Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Stewardship
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Partnership
  • Teamwork

Our bankers are Orient bank, Mbale Branch


  • To contribute to equitable development amongst the people especially the women and youth through the encouragement of autonomous, democratic and self-reliant organization.
  • To facilitate integrated self-generating rural development through training in that, skills and knowledge learnt remain with the people.
  • To work with rural grass root groups on the basis of their own needs and objectives.
  • To contribute to the search for alternative development possibilities and the kind of training which is required to make rural awakening possible.
  • To encourage the involvement of individuals and groups in the definition of implementation of rural awakening programmes with the people.
  • To facilitate an educational and training process of rural development which will help rural people emancipate themselves from poverty by promoting and demonstrating principles and practices of self-reliant, participatory development.
  • To work with rural people in such a way that a process of increasing self-responsibility is created and becomes a tool in their hands which is reflected in their lives and work.
  • To have in-service training that provides opportunities for the personal development of rural development workers.
  • To facilitate, promote, organize, arrange or participate in conferences, meetings and workshops on subjects touching on the improvement and advancement of rural areas.
  • To promote, conduct and engage in research and experimental work calculated to be of help and benefit to rural people.
  • To receive and administer gifts, offerings, grants, donations and other lawful contributions for the work of helping to improve on the scope of development in rural areas.
  • To make youths realize their main objectives in life and maintain themselves in self-help projects.