The programme areas are the following activities but not limited to the ones below.

  • Capacity Building and Network Development

Capacity building is directed by institutions like the universities, CBOs, NGOs, Private and Public sectors for the well being of the members of the organization.

The organization organizes training programmes for the staff, farmers, students and service providers tailor-made to their specific needs.  These trainings are conducted at the specified spaces acquired by the persons to be trained.

Farmer exchange visits are conducted as the need arises.  Local NGOs and international organisations are some of the trainers.

  • Research and Information Exchange

The organization conducts gender focused research on the different gender and development issues.  The findings are disseminated to stakeholders for advocating for gender equality.

  • Community Outreach

Outreach is one of the areas where AWOST shall develop a particular specialization and consideration.  The outreach activities help in the enhancement of adaptive research and technology transfer among the members.

  • Collaborations and/or partnership

The organization values the collaborations and/or partnership which enhances the improvement of livelihood of the community.  Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), Community Based Organisations (CBOs), Private sector like DOSTRIM, Government Organisations like the ministries, Individuals, Farmer Groups, International Organisations are some of the collaborators.

  • Environmental protection and conservation

The organization works with the community to protect and conserve the environment.  The community is sensitized about the dangers of cutting trees.  They learn about the climate change brought about their daily actions.  They plant trees especially the fruit trees.  Some have learnt the briquette making which helps to reduce their energy consumption and also reduce tree cutting.

  • Food security

We train farmers in the management of the food availability, utilization and consumption. This has helped in the food security.  Furthermore, we teach the farmers to add value to their product in order to gain more in their income.

  • Advocacy and sensitization about Gender Violence especially child protection

All the community is sensitized about Gender and Domestic violence.  This has helped to reduce the vice and working with the Community Development Officer of the District, we are in the process of putting up a project for this.

The community is also sensitized about the child protection, child rights and family responsibilities.